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The SEIS project provided support for the transfer of air quality data


An automated process of air quality data transfer from the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine to the European Air Quality Index System has been launched.

Data on the concentrations of ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, suspended dust particles with a diameter of less than 10 and 2.5 are used to calculate the air quality index. Data are transmitted every hour from seven automated posts of the Donetsk Regional State Administration.

The organization of the data transfer process was made possible by the efforts of the ENI SEIS II East project, which is being implemented by the European Environment Agency together with six Eastern Partnership countries with the financial support of the European Union.

The project trained Ukrainian air monitoring experts, provided RAVEN software for the organization of storage, verification and transmission of air quality data.

Ukraine became the second Eastern Partnership country after Georgia to meet all technical requirements for the organization of the data transfer process. It is planned to further develop the network of automated air quality control points in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2008/50/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2008 on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe and to expand the amount of information to be exchanged.

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