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What is Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS)?

In February 2008, the European Commission Communication «Towards a Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS)» proposed a solution to Europe's environmental information challenge. Since then, SEIS has become a collaborative initiative of the European Commission together with the European Environment Agency and the 39 countries of the Eionet and Eastern neighbourhood countries, including Ukraine.

SEIS aims to create an improved environmental information system for Europe. It is a key driver for the growth of our knowledge base and it integrates a wealth of information from the Eionet and other networks and partners, citizen science, crowd sourcing, and new environmental information gathering initiatives such as Copernicus. SEIS helps simplify, streamline and modernise their existing systems and processes, and makes them web-enabled. It is a decentralised yet integrated system that improves the quality, availability, accessibility and understanding of environmental information.

SEIS Ukraine - an shared system for disseminating environmental information. It develops in the framework of «ENI SEIS II East».

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